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Impressively implemented even what you can hardly imagine

Below you can see a reconstruction and visualization of an area in the Volmetal valley that was important in the past for the designer's home town with the extremely rare triple mill.


This stands in contrast to the future scene, where two extraordinary mysterious space ships are arriving. And there is even a look into the inside with its beam transport unit...

Mill South-Westfalia

Using an old plan from the 1920s, Thomas Clever began to model and visualise the area with the tree avenue and the square with an inn, a very rare triple mill and a wheelwright's shop.

horse and cart

Reconstruction of the practical and agile single-axle tipping wagon, as it was adapted and used in agriculture, trade and even for ore transport in Westphalia and beyond.

Anyone wondering where the coach box was provided, there was none! Since the payload rarely or only briefly exceeded a few hundred kg, the cart driver walked alongside.

Many thanks to Mr. Hans Ludwig Knau, the deserving local historian from Kierspe, not only for his tips and expert advice on these reconstructions.

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