Concept Design for Electric Sports Cars

Lampo2 and Lampo3 are electric sports cars developed by the swiss company Protoscar, designed by Thomas Clever

Lampo electric car concepts for Protoscar, Switzerland designed by Thomas Clever

Key sketches of the two clean car projects appear when you hover over them.

Sketches by the designer Thomas Clever of the Lampo2 electric Roadster.
Sketches by the designer Thomas Clever of the Lampo3 electric GT.

The Lampo2 (here a digital rendering) is the more potent, further developed successor to the Lampo1 with the design and digital form development by Thomas Clever.

In contrast to the deliberately aggressive shape of the roadster, the aerodynamically stretched, graceful Lampo3 Coupé is even equipped with 3 powerful electric motors, thus demonstrating the possible particularly high driving performance of its clean drive already in 2011.

Protoscar Lampo2 e Lampo3

The two electric concept sports cars have already demonstrated their capabilities at numerous rallies, symposia and other events.

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