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New: the universally applicable color sample form for presenting paint and material samples and the interactively detachable steering wheel to match the design of a small roadster at the bottom of the CarDesign page.....

by Thomas-Clever

Examples of products designed by Thomas Clever

Color-Frogs, Speed-Shapes, AI-Stations, Boots, Products designed by Thomas Clever

Color sample forms (as shown on the left) for development, marketing and sales of well-known companies, especially from the automotive sector, are designed by Thomas Clever for the Swiss specialist ColorFrog AG, which has been manufacturing and selling them since 1997.

His new, combinable proposal for color and material samples can be seen here...

More about the cute elephant product ideas (on the right side of the picture above) here...

Productdesign-Smart-Home-Station, figure

Three development steps of a Smart Home station:

1. Design Sketch

2. Creo Parametric snapshot with section showing the small integrated computer

3. Rendering of the small figure on a table with info and touch command display

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