Dream Job Car Designer...

Im Opel Design Studio Corsa geschaffene Designs von Th. Clever

What path did he take before he was able to design series and even concept vehicles at Opel?

He started in school times when he has been drawing cars and portraits of his teachers ever since. Thomas Clever was born in 1961 in Kierspe (South Westphalia/NRW) as the son of a retail salesman.

Sketches made in School

From the secondary school onwards, it was clear: car designer should be the profession of choice.

The first small design projects were already created during art lessons at the ev. Gymnasium Meinerzhagen, thanks to the art teacher Hans Müller, who recognised and encouraged his talent.

Before going to university, he completed an apprenticeship as a locksmith. He then starting studying industrial design at the University of Wuppertal.

After two years there, however, it became more and more clear that this course was inadequate to meet the demands that car industry placed on its designers.

This was confirmed by the internship at Opel Design Rüsselsheim: it was a creative dream world for the young student, even more exciting than expected.

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