The Designer Thomas Clever

His Education as a Designer, Career and his special Aspects such as working as an Instructor and Live Design Actor

Thomas Clever Designer

About the Designer Thomas Clever

In the menu items you can learn more about his career, training as a designer, coaching and as a live designer, i.e. designing and creating in front of an audience.

Stationen des Designers Thomas Clever, Portfolio, Art Center, Opel Design, Rinspeed und Protoscar

Creating hand sketches on the left at the end of the 1980s at a drawing table full of markers and colored pencils, in the middle Thomas Clever in 1993 as a digital pioneer in Opel design and on the right as a designer for the Ticino company Protoscar, today still a consultant for e-cars and their infrastructure.

Der Designer Thomas Clever im Team mit dem Fotografen Peter Hildebrandt

Freelance designer Thomas Clever also works in a team with digital visualization specialist photographer Peter Hildebrandt on the right.

More about the joint work and other creative ideas can also be seen on the joint website MK3D Design.

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